Custom Portfolio Report


The Custom Portfolio Report lets you easily generate a custom report that includes information from the property owner profile and custom fields. 

This guide will go over how to navigate through the custom report settings and how to export this report.

Note: Custom reports are community specific. The custom report is designed to work in the community it was created in. 


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Creating/Editing a Custom Portfolio Report 

Report Name Settings

Adding your rows and columns 


Display Options 

Export Options



Creating/Editing a Custom Portfolio Report 

1. On the navigation pane, click Reports then Custom. 

2. Scroll down to Portfolio Reports. 

2a. To create and add a new report Click + Add   

2b. To Edit an existing report, click    on the report to update. 


Available Options for Existing Reports 

Download Report  Exports a copy of the report using the last saved parameters

Copy Report     Creates a new report using the same settings as the original.

Edit Settings   Edit settings for the report

Delete report    Permanently deletes report and it's parameters




To save your progress and settings for the report, click Save

To apply any changes made to the parameters, click refresh 

To discard any changes and to return to the custom reports page, click cancel 



Report Name Settings

3. Fill out the Report Names and Description


Report Name and Report Description are for internal purposes only and will appear on the Custom Report Index page.

The report’s Display Name will act as the title and file name on all exports. When selecting custom report formats from the selector, it will use the Display Name


Adding your rows and columns 

The items in the list below, are all the available output fields for your report. 

You will first the see the default property fields, followed by the owner custom fields. 

4.  In the Available section, select an option.

To select multiple items at the same time, press and hold CTRL and select the multiple fields. 


To add that highlighted field to the Selected section, click the arrow pointing to the right


5. The Selected section will the fields that will appear on the report

To remove that selection, select the field, and click the arrow pointing to the left

To change the order of the fields, select the item, and click the arrows point up/down 


The [C] & [R] next to the field name indicated whether it will be in a row or column. To switch between the two, highlight the field and click C or R

C- Will make that field appear as a column 

R- Will make that field appear as a Row










Under Agent Type, select the owner types you want to include in this report.

Conditions allow you to add specific filters to your reports.

The system will generate a report where the meet the agent type, and the condition requirements.

6. Select an Agent Type

To select multiple items at the same time, press and hold CTRL and select the multiple fields. 

Click +Add to add conditions to the selected field

Field- The Area you want to add conditions to.  

Condition- Define filter conditions to refine the result set returned. “Only show records where…” selected filter criteria exist. Each data type will have a specific set of filter parameters and subparameters that can be set to refine the result set that is returned 

Contains   will return a result that include the exact value defined

Ends With   will show records that end with the value defined

Equals     will show records that have the same value defined

Greater Than  includes a value greater than the value defined.

Greater Than or Equals   includes a value greater and equal to the value defined.

Less Than     includes a value less than the one defined.

Less Than or Equals   includes a value less and equal to the value defined.

Not Equals   will exclude any results with the value defined.

Not Set    Will include results if the field is blank

Set  Will show results if the field has any information

Starts With  will show records that start with the value defined



This example will show owners who have emails that end in .com 


8. When finished, click Save 

Or to add another condition, click + Save & Add New 


Display Options 

9. Select your Display Options parameters 

As of Date   Will show the owners records as of the date that is set.

Sort By  The order to view the report results.

Show As of Date (toggle)  Will add the as of date to the exported report page

Show Run Date/Time 

Show One Owner per Page This option is disabled by default. If enabled, each owner will have an individual page for this report


10. Select your Export Options 


11. Once all parameters have been selected, click Apply to save any changes. This will display the results at the bottom of the page.

12. To export the report using the export options selected, click Export 


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