TOPS [ONE]- TOPS Pay Registration and What to Expect

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TOPS Pay Overview




What to do and What to Expect 


1. Click Admin then Direct Debit Learn More 


2) A prompt will appear asking for your Federal Tax ID 

Format(Include the dash) : XX-XXXXXXX 


Set the Federal Tax ID Prior to starting

Admin > Actions > edit client > Enter ID


3) Once you enter your Tax ID, your TOPS Pay Tile will say Pending 


It's Pending. Now what? 


1) Wait for an Email notification for a Support ticket regarding this request 

After you submit your request to join TOPS Pay, a TOPS representative will review the information provided and you will get an email notifying you of a newly opened support ticket. 


2) Send back required documents 

After the ticket has been created, you will receive our Service Agreement and a W9 form. These documents should be filled out and sent back. 

Once the documents have been sent, it can take 5-7 business days to process. If any additional information is needed to process your request, a TOPS representative will reach out within this time period.


3) Congrats!!! You're Approved! 

Once all the forms are submitted, and we do our magic on our side, you're approved! 

You'll receive a welcome message in your support ticket notifying you TOPS Pay has successfully been activated.  


What's next?

Enable and Setup TOPS Pay

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