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TOPS [ONE]- Processing Collections


TOPS [ONE] Version, Last Updated 07/17/2018


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Creating a Collection Table



This guide will give you step by step instructions on processing collections. 


Step By Step 

1. Click Accounts Receivable then Collections 

2. Click Actions then Collection 

This will take you to the Set Collection Status/Apply Admin screen

3. Enter a Post Date 

4. Click Accrue to view all the Collection fee candidates for the post date entered. 


This will take you to the Collection - Accrued page. 


5. Verify the information on this page

Code Summary  Shows how many properties were part of this Collection Batch, and the total amount charged in the batch.

Accounting Summary Income and Receivable accounts based on your collection table. 

6. Verify the Owner information under Details 

To edit the action step or the amount being charged for an owner, click the  icon. 

After you made your changes, click the  icon to save that line. 

To discard any changes made to that line, click the  Icon. 


7. After you've verified the information, click Post



What happens after I process collections? 


You will see a Collection Status Flag on the Property/Primary Owner page. 



If the owner qualified for a step with a letter, the letter will be in the property activity feed as a communication transaction. If the owner has their communication preference set to email (and if the template is set to email), the owner will receive an email once the letter is generated in the activity feed.  

You will also see the Collection Batch transaction. 


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