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If you are managing a portfolio of communities, the Accounts Payable department is one of the first areas in which accounting can be automated. Bills are already arriving in the mail for a variety of communities, all mashed together.

Rather than needing to create piles of bills and check runs for each individual community, the AP Batch Processing function allows you to process bills and write checks for all of your communities, all at once, while still maintaining the individual standards specific to each community.


Step By Step 


Pay Bill/Generate Check

1. Click on Accounts Payable and select Make Payments.

Any open AP transaction will be shown here.

Under each invoice will be a +  button.

2. You may select one or many invoices if you want to print all of the checks in one batch.

3. Once you have selected all of the invoices you wish to print, click on Actions, and then Print Checks

Note: If multiple checks are selected, you will see that number in parentheses. ( )  

4. Ensure that the Check amount, Check Template and the Bank Account that are selected are correct, and hit Print.

Note: If you want to do a partial payment, manually change the amount under check amount. An open invoice for the remaining amount will still be open. 


This will generate the check in TOPS [ONE] 

Next, we're going to view the check and use our default PDF viewer to Print the check 



To view the last check that was created

1. Click Accounts Payable then Activity

2. To view the last batch you created, click Last Check Date 

3. Click View This Check 

4. This is open the PDF, Click the Printer Icon to Print 



 View all Paid Checks 

1. Click Accounts Payable then Make Payments

2. Select Payments


 3. Locate the Check, and select the Check Number 

4. Click View This Check 

5. This is open the PDF, Click the Printer Icon to Print 


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