Editing the Contents for a Custom Field

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Custom Fields Overview



This guide will give you step by step instructions on how to add information in your Custom Fields. 

If you don't see your Custom Field, make sure all of the necessary settings are enabled.

ALL activated fields other then text and number fields can NOT be deleted once used.

How to Activate Custom Fields in your Communities


Step By Step

1. Go to your Custom Field's designated page. 


Note: If you're not sure where it's saved, go to your fields settings, and check under the Availability section. For this example, the custom field will be in the property page 


2. Click Actions then Edit 


Note: Depending on the availability you selected, you'll need to go to that appropriate record and use the actions menu to edit that record. 

Example:  If the Custom Field code's availability is set to Property you will go to the Property > Action > Edit Property

If the Custom Field code's availability is set to Vendor you will go to the Vendor > Action > Edit Vendor 


3. Edit the Custom Field Contents 




4. Click Save 



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