How to Activate Custom Fields in your Communities

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Custom Fields Overview



If you've created your Custom Field and it's not appearing on your designated Category Page, verify the settings mentioned below have been set. 


Step By Step 

1. Click Admin 



2. Go to Custom Field Categories then click View All 

3. Click the  next to the category you want to edit. 

4. Click the  icon next to the category name 



The first gears icon is for the Category Settings- Most of the settings will be in this section. 

The second gears icon is for the Field Settings - Each field has its own settings button via the gear icon. For most field types, only available setting is the ability to enable/disable a field which will hide it from profile views. List values are added here as well:


Category Settings

Make sure the highlighted settings are set. 

Enable Category  This must be enabled in order to activate the custom field

Availability This determines which type of profile page these categories and fields can be associated with (ex: Community, Property, Bank).  

Communities At least One community must be selected. 

Roles  At least one Role must be selected. 


Field Settings

Enable Field toggle must be enabled 


Once all of these settings as enabled, you will be able to see your custom field on your designated page. 

 ALL activated fields other then text and number fields can NOT be deleted once used, only disabled


Save your changes

After any changes are made, click  to save your changes 

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