Banks - Digital Signatures Overview


Save time on sending checks by not having to wait for a signature. The Digital Signature feature allows you to import or add signatures to your bank accounts. 

By using the Authorized Signature Merge code in our Merge Code Manager, saved signatures can be generated straight onto the checks without having to use a pen. 

The following articles will go over how to use the new Digital Signature feature.


Start off by adding your signatures

To easily add your digital signature to your bank accounts, you can either import the signature or use a mobile device, like a Surface Pro or an iPad, to sign and upload your signature. 

Adding Digital Signatures



Assign the Signatures to Bank Accounts

After the signatures have been added, assign them to your bank accounts. 

You can have up to two (2) signatures per account. But there is no limit to how many accounts you can assign a signature to. 



Assigning Signatures to a Bank Account


Add the Authorized Signature Merge Code to your Templates and upload 

Use the TOPS [ONE] Merge Code Manager to add your digital signatures to your templates. 

Click Here: Adding a Digital Signature to Your Check Template



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