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Adding/Editing Files in your Community





This guide will go over how to 


How to Get There  

1. Click Portfolio then Communities. Select the community. 


2. Scroll down to Attachment Gallery. Click View All. 


Here you can upload attachments, delete them, set image attachments as the profile pic for the selected agent, open a preview of the file, or navigate to the All Attachments page.




Adding Attachments





2. Click Select Files. 


If successful, you will see a green bar with 100%. 



Attachment Options 



2018-05-05_17_33_48-TOPS__ONE_.png Email 

Gives user the option to choose an existing agent’s email address or enter an external email address and send one ore more selected “attachments” as a zip file


Check out this article for more information on how to send a message. 

How to email or print a message to an Owner in TOPS [ONE]


2018-05-05_17_39_01-TOPS__ONE_.png Edit 


1) Display Name Make changes to your attachment name

2) Assignment  Defaults to the community where you uploaded the file to. 

3)  Group User-defined category that can be assigned to an attachment for the purpose of filtering and organizing the files. 


4) Publish attachments making the files available for owners in Owner Access and board members in Board View

Owner Access 

Enabling the toggle with upload this document to the owner access for the assignment selected. 


If you select a community for the assignment, all of the owners will be able to see the file on their Owner Access Portal. 

If you assign it to a property, that owner will be able to see the file. 


Click the file below for instructions on how homeowners can access those files. 

Owner Guide- accessing your document library.pdf


 Attachment Gallery 



Once your changes have been made, click Save. 


2018-05-05_18_16_46-TOPS__ONE_.png Delete Permanently removes file from your instance.  






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