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Post an Open Cash Receipt


TOPS [ONE] Version, Last Updated 07/17/2018


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Entering Owner Payments (Cash Receipts)



The Cash Receipts function gives you the ability to track payments that owners make. The following steps will walk you through editing and posting an open batch.


Step By Step

1. Click AR Accounts Receivable and select AR Cash Receipts.


2. Click Actions and select Process Deposits.


3. This page will show all the Open Batches (Accrued) for all communities.


 4. Click the Community Name to view its open batches.



To view/edit the individual batched, click the pencil Icon next to the batch. 


Edit the Check Number or Amount by replacing the numbers in the fields.

Remove a check from the batch by clicking the X. 


Click Save when finished 


5. Select the batches to post.

Click the - next to the community name or batch to select it for posting. The - will change to a check mark when selected. 


To select all of the batches, click Select All 




6. Click Post Selected to post the cash receipt batch.


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