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Export initial community info for Implementation



If you are moving to TOPS [ONE] from TOPS Pro or iQ, one of the first steps is to send TOPS the information we need to import your first 3 communities. The following steps will guide you through exporting the CommunityAccountInfo.csv. 


Step By step


TOPS Professional

Look in the Utilities menu for Import / Export Data.



Search for export; in the results will be Import Export Data. Click on it. 

TOPS Professional & TOPS iQ

Select the 3 communities and click Export Now. 

A confirmation window will pop up, click OK. 

Click Open Export Folder. That will open folder where the exported files saved.

Find the file named, CommunityAccountInfo.csv. Open it.

Review the information in the file for accuracy. If a column is blank, please fill it in. Contact your Implementation Coordinator if you have questions. 

Send the file to your Implementation Coordinator. If you are unsure who that is, contact training@topssoft.com.


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