TOPS [ONE] v. - Feature Review

Update Released April 26th, 2018




In version, 12 new Features & Updates were added to TOPS [ONE] in the following areas:



Add New Community

The Community Setup Wizard has been revised to allow more flexibility when setting up a new community. It has now been divided into two sections: Accounting and Property & Owners. Users can start with either one and do not have complete one to begin the other. Other changes include:

Enable cost centers

Import property code category assignments

Navigate the app with the selected community. Note: Some areas will be not be applicable until specific steps of the wizard are complete (ex: Cannot apply charges without setting up assessment codes)


Apply Late Fees 

Added a new method to calculate Late Fees: Charge on Current Month Only. When selected, this will ignore owners who have a payment on file for the selected codes, dated within the current period:


Apply Interest 

New Print Preview option on accrued and posted batches that will allow users to printout the batch information before and after posting:


Several additional enhancements to increase user experience. These include:

Post Date will no longer populate with today's date. It will be left blank and require the user to enter a valid date (within the current period) before continuing

An Edit Codes link was added that will navigate users to the code index page to edit any pertinent information

A search option to easily locate owners in a batch. Users can search by account number, owner name, or street name

Sorting options for the batch review page



Cash Receipt Batches 

Updated DuesPayment Lockbox Format

The DuesPayment lockbox import format has been altered to be in line with DuesPayment's expectations

Posting Batches

Added Select All and Deselect All functionality when posting batches:


Owner History 

The Property Activity page (accessed via the balance View History link on the property balance KPI) has been updated for a better user experience. Changes include:

Separated Date and Description columns

Owner Payments will now display their check numbers

Prepaid Balance displayed at the top of activity feed

Code breakdown for each transaction

Property Account and Lot Number displayed at the top right of the page


GL Reports 

Style Enhancements

The following GL reports have new style options that will affect the PDF and Word exports:

Balance Sheet

Detailed Income Statement

Fund Balance Sheet

Income Statement

Reserve Statement

All of the "By Range" equivalents

Trial Balance

The new features include:

Show Run Date/Time

Show GL Account Number

Header Row Border

1st Column Border

Banded Rows (Shading)

Show Gridlines

Large and Small font size (exact font varies slightly from report to report)

Export Orientation: Portrait and Landscape

AP Distribution

A new accounts payable report that shows all entries made to the general ledger coming from the accounts payable system for a range of dates.


CCR Reports 

The CCR Report has been modified to include a number of new filter options:

Create Start / End Date

Closed Start / End Date

Show Action Table

Show Comments

Show Image

Show Amount

Filter by specific CCR codes (defaults to all)

Filter by Account #, Lot #, Street Name


Journal Entries 

Reversing Journal Entry

After accruing a journal entry, there is a new option to create a one time automation job that will reverse that entry on the specified date (defaults to the first day of the next period):



Portfolio Pages

Index Cards - Right Click and Open in a New Tab

All Index Cards throughout that app can now be opened in a new tab by right clicking the card title/header and selecting the appropriate option:


For a full list of updates, please click this link

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