Smart Banking- Identify and Fix lockbox Alerts files

The Smart Banking Lockbox process will attempt to process all transactions in a file. If there are any transactions that cannot be matched they will be put in a separate file for correction. The good transactions will be processed.


Step By Step 
1)  Click on the Notification Bell 

2) Locate alert for Failed lockbox records message. Click on the alert it will take you to that bank.

3) Scroll down to the Attachment Gallery. You should see a file with Reject Lockbox in the name. 

Click on the View all button on the upper right. 

4) Click on the icon for your file.

5) This will open up in another tab the actual transactions from the bank.

6) Open a text editor like NotePad. Highlight all of the records listed in the browser then with your mouse hold down the right mouse button and choose copy or CTRL-c.

7) Place your mouse in the body of your text editor and hold down the right mouse button and choose paste

8) You will need to correct the error and save the file to a location on your computer.
9) You will then go to Accounts Receivable  Cash Receipts. Click on Actions, import Lockbox file.

10) Set your date, File Format and select your corrected file to import.

You will want to repeat this for each bank that has this type of file.

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