TOPS [ONE] v. - Feature Review


The TOPS [ONE] development team is adding multiple new additions and updates to the platform today.

The following new releases will be live in TOPS [ONE] today. As a web-based product, there is no action for TOPS [ONE] users to take. Your TOPS [ONE] platform will automatically be updated in the cloud.

Here's what's new:




Document Storage - TOPS [ONE] has expanded its document/attachment storage capabilities and integrated them with the Owner Access owner portal companion app. Some features include:

Ability to add Tags to files for easier grouping and filtering

Easily modify, copy, or move several files at once from one owner to another

Publish select files to Owner Access where owners can easily view/download important documents and forms
Follow this link for a walkthrough on publishing attachments to Owner Access:



Assessment Rounding

When selecting a calculation method that is not Flat Dollar Amount, a new option to round all assessment calculations to the nearest dollar will appear. The rounding will occur at the time of the apply charges process:

Resolved Issues

GL account linkage to charge codes will properly reassign the GL account to the parent account/default cost center depending on whether cost centers are being turned on or off, respectively




Resolved Issues

Updating a user's email will correctly update their login email as well (will not require a contact to support)

Removed the Community Setup Banner from pages it was incorrectly appearing

Resolved issue with transaction posting to the next day for certain time zones




Signatures - Signatures can now be successfully captured and assigned to bank accounts within [ONE]. These signatures can then be assigned to a check template for AP Check Printing. You can view the full process of adding and assigning signatures here:

Updated Reconciliation - The Bank Reconciliation page has been refactored for a better overall user experience. Some changes include:

Updated UI

Ability to condense transaction rows

Bank Transfer

Scrolling Account values
You can view all available changes to the Bank Reconciliation here:



Resolved Issues

Cash Receipt batches will now display on all appropriate activity feeds

Community Name character limit raised to 100 characters


Resolved Issues

When emailing owner activity, multiple emails can now be set

Settlement/Move Out dates have been added to all owner types

Users can no longer add additional property addresses to an individual property record

Email fields will now accept the '.website' top-level domains




Accounting Periods

All future accounting periods have been set to Open. There is no longer a restriction to only having two periods open at once

Accounts Receivable


Post dates on transactions no longer has to fall within the current period

Automated Apply Charges jobs will use correct amount based on the fiscal year of the post date

Apply Charges - Apply Charges has received some quality of life updates:

Charge codes will automatically select based on the entered Post Date

An end date can now be set for Special Assessment codes

A preview/posting report can be run on each charge batch

Cleaned up the UI for the batch review page

Apply Prepaids

A new preview/posting report is available on all apply prepaids batches

Cash Receipts

Individual owner payments can now be removed from a save/accrued cash receipt batch

Resolved Issues

The fiscal year drop down for Generate Statements will default to the current fiscal year

Users can now edit the associated GL accounts for a prepaid adjustment after it has been posted

Automated Late Fee jobs will no longer fail when there are no candidates found

Accounts Payable


Users can now add additional AP Adjustments in succession

Enter Bills

New Transaction Type: Bill - Separate Check. When a bill is marked for a separate check, it will always receive its own check regardless of additional bills selected

Attachments can now be removed from a bill prior to saving/posting

Make Payments

Precheck Writing Report - When selecting one or more bills for payment, a new option will appear for the Precheck Writing Report in the actions menu. Selecting this will generate a PDF to view the selected bills and their presumed effect on the community's bank balance

Resolved Issues

Credit memos can no longer be 'Marked as Paid' via an adjustment

Editing a bill with multiple distributions in a cash accounting community will no longer encounter errors when saving/posting

Voiding handwritten checks with multiple distributions will properly void for the full amount

Deleting a distribution from a miscellaneous cash receipt will correctly remove it from the GL

Bills with multiple distributions will now round to the second decimal place when paid with a partial payment that does not evenly divide

Vendor mailing labels will now export to a single excel file

General Ledger

Resolved Journal Entries

Reversing a Journal Entry will no longer create negative debit/credit entries

Resolved an issue where saving an already selected default cost center was not updating all transactions that did not previously have a cost center



All instances of the word 'Violation' has been replaced with 'CCR'

Added a Due Date field for CCR records

Work Order

Resolved Issues

Emailed work orders will use the correct reply to address

Users can now search for a property via address and property account number




For a full list of the updates, click here.

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