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This guide will give you step by step instructions on how to deactivate or delete a vendor.

When you mark a vendor as inactive, you will not be allowed to enter new bills or assign a work order. But, the vendor is still searchable. 

In order to permanently delete a vendor, the vendor cannot have any prior vendor history. 


Step By Step 

1. Click Accounts Payable then Vendors.

2. Select the Vendor 


Deactivating a Vendor 

When deactivating a vendor, expect the following:

- The vendor will be hidden from "Enter Bills"

The vendor will be hidden from being issued bills in New work orders 

- The vendor will still be searchable via the search bar

- The vendors' history will still be accessible via the AP Reports 

- If the vendor meets the 1099 criteria, then the vendor should be included in that report and export.


1. Click Actions then Edit Vendor


 2. Under Info, enable the Inactive Vendor toggle 


3. Click Save 


Deleting a Vendor

1. Go to the Vendor page to be deleted. 

2. Click Actions then Delete Vendor 

Note: If you do not see the Delete Vendor option, it means the vendor has AP History. ALL history must be removed prior to removing the vendor. 

3. Confirm the deletion by clicking Remove. 

You will see a confirmation at the bottom of the screen


Finding an inactive Vendor 

You can view Inactive Vendors by filtering the AP Vendors page. 




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