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General liability typically protects third parties, such as vendors, customers, and other people in contact with your business or on your business property.
Workers compensation typically pays the medical costs, lost wages, and, if necessary, death benefits when an employee becomes ill, has an accident while on the job.
This guide will go over how to add vendors Liability & Workers compensation insurance information. 

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Step By Step 

1. In the Search Box, search your Vendor
2. Under Insurance, click Add 
3. Select Liability or Workers Compensation 
4. Enter the Insurance information 
1. Display Name (required) Insurance Name 
2. Info 
Expiration Date
3. Phone & Address 
5. When finished, click Save 

Expired Insurance 

If a vendor's insurance information has expired, the vendor's page and multiple modules will show an Insurance Expired flag. 
Vendor Page 
Insurance Page 
Enter Bills 
Work Orders

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