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Mailing Labels Overview



This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to export and generate mailing labels for multiple communities. 

Note: This method will only print mailing labels for the properties primary homeowner and it will generate the primary mailing address. See our  Generating Mailing Labels for Select Owners/Contact for the instructions on how to customize your mailing labels, or how to create labels for other owner types. 


Step by Step 

1. Click Admin 


2. Under related links, click Mailing Labels 

Note: You can also go to the same page by going to any community page > actions button > mailing labels.



3. Click Labels for Owners 

4. Select the Community you want to create labels for:

1. Click the Select All toggle to select all of the communities listed


2. Click the Check Box to select the communities 

5. Select how you want the labels created.  

Export(.xls) - Will export to an Excel File in your downloads folder

Generate (.pdf) - Will create a .pdf in your Activity Feed in a COM Batch

This will open the Mailing Labels using your default PDF viewer. 


Note: If the mailing labels are taking a while to generate, you will get a notification in your notification center letting you know when the job is complete. 


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