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Mailing Labels Overview



This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to export and generate mailing labels for multiple communities. 

Note: This method will only print mailing labels for the properties primary homeowner and it will generate the primary mailing address. See our  Generating Mailing Labels for Select Owners/Contact for the instructions on how to customize your mailing labels, or how to create labels for other owner types. 

The required labels for TOPS [ONE] are Avery 5160.



Step by Step 

1. Click Admin 


2. Under related links, click Mailing Labels 

Note: You can also go to the same page by going to any community page > actions button > mailing labels.



3. Click Labels for Owners 

4. Select the Community you want to create labels for:

1. Click the Select All toggle to select all of the communities listed


2. Click the Check Box to select the communities 

5. Select how you want the labels created.  

Export(.xls) - Will export to an Excel File in your downloads folder

Generate (.pdf) - Will create a .pdf in your Activity Feed in a COM Batch

This will open the Mailing Labels using your default PDF viewer. 


Note: If the mailing labels are taking a while to generate, you will get a notification in your notification center letting you know when the job is complete. 


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