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User Settings Overview



A user is anyone you want to internally allow access to your TOPS ONE database. When setting up a new user, you can assign them to a role to restrict access to only the communities and areas you want to designate.  

This article will go over how to add a new user in TOPS [ONE].


Step By Step 


Creating a New User 

1. Click Admin 

2. Next to Users click, +ADD

3. Enter the User information 

1. Name (required) 

2. Phone number 

3. Info  You will be able to quickly and easily add the user to a role and community list. 

User Role

Community List

4. Email Enter the email the user will use to log in with

5. Address 

4. Click Save 

 Once the user profile has been created, the user will receive an email to complete their registration. 



Registering as a New User 


You will receive an email from TOPS Software, LLC

1. Open the email, and Click Confirm Your Account 


2. Enter & Confirm your new password. 


3. Once the password has been confirmed, you will be asked to log in. 


Congrats and Welcome to TOPS! 



If the user does not see an email from TOPS in their inbox, please check the Spam Folder.




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