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Filter Views allow you access to see and filter lists of information. This feature will allow the user to save their sorted, filtered views on the Owner Index, Property Index, User Index, Signatures Index, Documents Index, Make Payments, Violation Tickets, Service Request Tickets, and Work Order Tickets pages. You will also be able to set a view as your default view for each page.

Once you create a new filter, it will be available in all of the index pages listed so you can use the dropdown to choose the filter view you want to display. 


 To start, go to one of the index pages listed above. 

For this example, we'll show the steps from the Owner Index Page. The steps to create/edit the filters are the same for every index page. 


Getting Started 

1. On the index page, Click Filters  


Creating a New Filtered View

1. Select your Filter Parameters 


Available filters/options

Owner Balance (range)  Searches owners with balances fall within the range entered.



Address View Select which address to show on this page. Property or Mailing address


Keyword Filter by street name. Additionally, look up owners based on Last Name, Account Number, and Lot Number


Email Address Select whether you want to see owners with email, owners without emails, or all owners. 


Delivery Preferences Filter owners by their Communication Preference. Email, Print, or Print & Email. 

Owner Types - Defaults to all selected. Choose the resident type you wish to filter by.



Enabling the toggles will display owners who have the following


2. Click the + to create the Filter View 

3. Enter your Filter Name and Availability

Name Must be unique (50 Characters Max) 

Note: There cannot be two different views with the same name for the same page. They can have two views named Dave’s View if one is for Violation Tickets and one is for Work Order Tickets, for example. Views are NOT community specific.


Availability Select who can see the Filtered view. Public/Private 


 Enable this toggle to set this view as your default view. 


3. Click Save 


Editing Filtered Views 

1. Select the Filtered view you want to edit. 


2. Edit your Filter Parameters 


3. After you've made the changes to your filter, click the 2018-07-12_16_30_43-TOPS__ONE_.jpg next to your filter name. 


4. Click Save 


5. Confirm your selection 



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