Importing CCR Codes


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CCR Overview



This guide will go over how to import your CCR codes after your community has been set up. 

In order to import your CCR Codes, they will need to be imported using our Codes.CSV file. You can find the file at the bottom of this article, or in the import codes pop up in step 4. 

Do not make any changes to the first row of the import file. 

Anything under Row 2 is for example purposes and can be deleted.


Sample CCR Codes

Codes CCR sample.csv


Before You Start 

If the same Action Process table is going to be used for multiple codes, create the Action Process first! This can help you save time by creating them beforehand. 


Step By Step

1. Click Portfolio then Community. Select the community you want to work with. 


2. On the bottom right of your page, under Related Links, click Codes. 


3. Click Actions then Import Codes 


4. Import your Codes.CSV file by clicking Select File 


Note: To download the format for this file, click download a sample. 



Adding your data to the import file


What info am I filling out?

Filling out the appropriate columns in the excel sheet will fill out the info below. 



For CCR Codes, only the following columns should be filled out

Charge Description - Short Name of the Code (Cannot Exceed 50 Characters)

Charge Code -  Alias, or unique identifier for the code. At least two characters

Code Type - Enter CCR in this column

GL Debit Account

GL Credit Account

CCR Article - Full details, like contact information for this violation.

Detail Description - Detailed description of the violation. 

I Action Needed - Actions the owner needs to take in order to not be in violation. 

Type the word Custom for each CCR code. *Please ensure that Action Process Tables are set up before codes are imported. 

L Date Calculation Method - Enter how to calculate the next action date. Please enter one of the following options. Must be spelled exactly as shown below



What does the .CSV file look like?


The accounts shown are just examples. Please consult with your CPA when choosing the correct General Ledger Accounts



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