Create a CCR Violation

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CCR Overview



This guide will go over how to create a new CCR violation. 


Before you start 

Make sure you have your CCR Codes added, and that your letters have been set up. 

How to Create a CCR code

Attach letters to CCR codes



Step By Step 

1. Click Portfolio then Communities. Select the community you want to work in. 


2. Click CCR then CCR Activity 


3. Click Actions then New CCR Record 




4. Seach the Owner/Property you want to create a new CCR record for. 

5. Enter Violation Dates

Date (required) Date violation took place 

Due Date (required) Date violation needs to be resolved by. 

6. Select CCR Click the drop-down menu to select the CCR Violation 

7. Enter the CCR information (Optional)  

CCR Article- Full details, like contact information for this violation.

Detail Description- Brief description of the violation. 

Action Needed to Resolve- Actions the owner needs to take in order to not be in violation. 

8. When finished click Save 


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