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CCRs (short for covenants, conditions & restrictions) are used to regulate the use, appearance, and maintenance of the property. In TOPS [ONE] the CCR violation fines, due dates, letters, and actions are all defined by the CCR Codes. 

Deed Restrictions help define the basis of a community. Therefore, maintaining
compliance with these restrictions is vital. The CCR module of TOPS [ONE] enables a
property manager to track CCR rules, violations, histories, and more. 


Check out the articles below for some information regarding CCR's. 


Add New CCR Codes 

Define actions for each violation based on your community's documents and pre-fill resolution and article information.

Create a New CCR Code

Importing CCR Codes


Performing Inspections Just Got Easier

Keep track of CCR's and Violations by creating a new CCR record. Selecting a CCR code in a new ticket will fill out the associated information, like description or action to resolve, saving you time. 

Communicate with owners on their CCR records using comments. 


Processing a CCR

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