Importing Work Order Codes

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This guide will go over how to import your Work Order codes after your community has been set up. 

In order to import your Work Order, they will need to be imported using our Codes.CSV file. You can find the file at the bottom of this article, or in the import codes pop up in step 4. 

Do not make any changes to the first row of the import file. 

Anything under Row 2 is for example purposes and can be deleted. 



Step By Step

1. Click Portfolio then Community. Select the community you want to work with. 


2. On the bottom right of your page, under Related Links, click Codes. 


3. Click Actions then Import Codes 


4. Import your Codes.CSV file by clicking Select File 


Note: To download the format for this file, click download a sample. 



Adding your data to the import file



What info am I filling out?

Filling out the appropriate columns in the excel sheet will fill out the info below. 



For CCR Codes, you will only need to fill out the columns 

Charge Description- Name of the Code

Charge Code-  Alias, or unique identifier for the code. At least two characters

Code Type- Enter WO in this column

GL Debit Account 

GL Credit Account

G AR Code Description- Description of Work Order code

Detail Description- Brief description of the violation. 




What does the .CSV file look like?


Note: Example above is for the accrual accounting.  



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