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The Owners index page displays homeowners for a specific community and some basic information from their profile. By default, this page will display all owner types (Previous Owners, Renters, Primary Owners, and non-primary owners). The filter option provides the ability to be able to view owners who fit into a certain criterion. On this page, you can select which address to display on the owner cards, either the property or mailing address. 

Some available filters: 

Contact Type (Owner, Previous Owner, etc.) 

Delivery Preference



...and more



How to get there

1. Under Portfolio, select Owners


View the filters by selecting Filters in the upper right-hand corner beneath the actions menu:



Filter Options:

Owner Balance (range)  Searches owners with balances fall within the range entered.



Address View Select which address to show on this page. Property or Mailing address


Keyword Filter by street name. Additionally, look up owners based on Last Name, Account Number, and Lot Number


Email Address Select whether you want to see owners with email, owners without emails, or all owners. 


Delivery Preferences Filter owners by their Communication Preference. Email, Print, or Print & Email. 


Owner Types - Defaults to all selected. Choose the resident type you wish to filter by.



Enabling the toggles will display owners who have the following


After you make any changes, make sure to click Apply to view the results. 


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