Importing Owner Balances

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This guide will give you step by step instructions on how to import your owner beginning balances. 


Before you begin...

In order to import balances, you will need to have the Owner ID.

You will only be able to Import Balances if that owner was imported during the initial set up. 

To find your imported Owner ID's, go to Accounts Receivable > Charges > actions > Import Owner Charges > Download a Sample.  

The file that downloads will contain the import Owner ID's. 


If you did not import your owners, you will need to manually add the Owner Balances. 


Step By Step 

1. Click Portfolio then Communities. Select the community. 



2. Click Actions then Import Owner Beginning Balances 


3. Click Download a Sample to download the template format needed to upload your balances.




What info am I filling out?

Using the Owner ID's to identify your owners, you will enter in the Code Alias and the balance amount for that code. 


What does the .CSV file look like?



 How do I add the information?

Column A-  Owner ID's    The owner ID's are the unique ID for the homeowner 

Column B- Charge Code   Enter the Code Alias for that charge amount 

If you are entering a Prepaid balance, enter PP. 

Column C-  Amount          Enter the balance for that code 

If you're entering a Prepaid Balance, make sure to add a " - " In front of the value 

Example: If the owner has a $150 balance in their Prepaid, you will enter -150. 



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