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Manually Register a Homeowner's Owner Portal Access


This guide will go over how to send a registration email to a single homeowner. 


Each individual property requires a separate email address. 


Step By Step 

1. Click Portfolio then Owners. Select the Primary homeowner you want to register. 


2. Click Actions then Edit Primary Owner 


3. Verify that the owner has the correct primary email on their account


Note: If changes need to be made, or if the email needs to be added, you must save your changes before proceeding to the next step. 


4. Under Owner Access, click Send Registration Email. 


This will take you to the Send Message page. The owner will automatically be added to the To: field.  You will also see a prefilled message, this can be edited if needed. 

The final email will include the Registration Button. 



5. When the message is ready to be sent, click 2018-07-25_10_22_16-Window.jpg

6. Verify your selection 



Note: The messages have not been sent yet. Please continue to the following steps to send the message. 


This will take you to the Message Review page. 

While the messages are generating, you will see the following message on the top right corner.  2018-07-25_10_24_15-Window.jpg

It is safe to refresh this page after 3minutes if the page hasn't reloaded automatically. 


7. To Send the message, click Send All 


8. If successful, you will see a Successful message at the bottom of the screen. 


Owners will then get an email to register. These instructions may be sent to the homeowner. 


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