Manually Register a Homeowner's Owner Portal Access

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Send an Owner Portal Registration Email



Once an Owner Registration link has been sent, you can manually set a temporary password for them to use upon initial login. 

This guide will go over how to set the temporary password, and what the owner can expect after the password has been set. 


Before You Start

A homeowner must have been already invited to register to their Owner Portal before you can follow these steps. 

Send an Owner Portal Registration Email



Step By Step 

1.  Click Portfolio then Owners.  Select the owner. 


2. Click Actions then Edit Primary Owner 


3. Under Owner Access, click Register for Owner. 


4. Enter the temporary password, then click Activate 
Temporary passwords expire after 24 hours. 

The Owners portal access will change from Invited to Temporarily Active 



Once the password has been set...

The user will need to log into the Owner Portal with the email and password that was provided. 

When the homeowner logs in, they will be redirected to reset their password. 

After the password has been reset, the owner will be able to log in using their new credentials. 

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