Smart Banking- Before you Start...

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Smart Banking Overview



Before you Start

There are a couple important steps to take in TOPS [ONE] to ensure the process works as seamlessly as possible


1. Identify the accountant. This person will be notified via email of any exceptions/alerts from Smart Banking for Lockbox, Bank reconciliation, and validation file upload processing. You set this up by editing each community and selecting the person that would need to be notified. See below 



2. Make sure your bank has a Bank Name (cannot be OTHER)

Bank > Actions > Edit Bank



3. Set up the bank account for auto Recon - Ensure that you have entered the bank account numbers in the Bank Account setup screen (Sample Below). We match the account numbers here to the account numbers received from the bank transactions.


4. Set up bank account for Lockbox – The lockbox ID field is used to match incoming lockbox files to communities and owners for the proper community bank account. This is also used to identify which community bank accounts are included in a validation file (if your bank uses one)


5. Ensure that the bank accounts have been reconciled to the current month.


Set Up Smart Banking

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