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Smart Banking Overview

Bank Reconciliation



What's going on during an Automatic Bank Rec?

Once you have established a proper connection between Smart Banking and one of the approved banks, TOPS will compare your bank account with the transactions in the system, and clear like items. Items that are not cleared will be marked with a red bar, for easy identification, and you will see the number of transactions in the important KPI (Key Performance Indicator) available on your bank profile page. 


Using the Bank Recon Log

The Bank Reconciliation Log will notify users about the daily statuses of automatic Bank Reconciliation using Smart Banking. 


Uncleared Transcations

The number of uncleared transactions can easily be found on the Banks Profile page in the Important KPI. When the KPI is clicked, you will be able to find the Community, account, and number of uncleared transactions. 

Clicking the Bank Account name will redirect you to the accounts bank rec page. 


Uncleared transactions will have a red bar next to the transaction date. 


Uncleared Transactions will also be found on the Bank Account Profile page 


These transactions will need to be cleared manually. Verify these items are also in your bank account, and clear accordingly. 


These uncleared transactions can also been Service Fees or Interest Income Fees added by your bank. Quickly and easily add and clear these transactions using the following information. 

Use the Quick Add feature to:

Add Interest on a Deposit

Add a Service Fee on a Payment




If there are transactions, like a bill or a miscellaneous cash receipt that have yet to be entered in TOPS, easily and quickly add them to the system using the information below. 


The Create feature will:

On a Deposit, redirect you to enter a Miscellaneous Cash Receipt.

On a Payment, redirect you to the Enter Bill page.


Once you enter a new transaction, it’ll automatically clear that transaction. The clear date will default to the current date. This 


Note: If cash receipt were group by the bank, TOPS cannot break up checks for a single owner. 

If you have homeowners paying multiple properties with one check, this can cause the system to not find the transaction to reconcile. 


Reference/Check # 

The reference will auto-populate with information sent from the bank. This can be edited as needed



Most Common Status 

- The request was completed successfully.

- An Internal Server Error has occurred. No account is registered for [ONE] bank alias BB&T with the number '######'. 

- An Internal Server Error has occurred. Bank Reconciliation Service is not able to run, please contact TOPS [ONE] Team.


View Smart Banking Bank Recon Log

1. Click Portfolio then Banks. Select the bank using this feature.

2. Under Smart Banking Features, click the date next to Bank Reconciliation


It will then open the Bank Reconciliation Log. 

Sample Bank Recon Log



I have some lines with errors, what do I do? 

Highlighted below are the 2 possible errors when reviewing the log.



- An Internal Server Error has occurred. No account is registered for [ONE] bank alias XXXX with the number '######'. 

Verify the Bank Account number in [ONE] matches the account number given by the bank




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