For Your Information (FYI): Automatic Bank Account Transactions

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Some of my items on my Bank Rec have a red bar next to them. How do I get rid of it?

Those are items that are in your Bank Statement that TOPS [ONE] was unable to clear.


Use the Quick Add feature to:

Add Interest on a Deposit

Add a Service Fee on a Payment




The Create feature will:

On a Deposit, redirect you to enter a Miscellaneous Cash Receipt.

On a Payment, redirect you to the Enter Bill page.


Once you enter a new transaction, it’ll automatically clear that transaction. The clear date will default to the current date (can change)


Note: If cash receipt were group by the bank, TOPS cannot break up checks for a single owner. 

If you have homeowners paying multiple properties with one check, this can cause the system to not find the transaction to reconcile. 

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