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Accounts Receivable Payment Distribution- Code Distribution



This article will walk a user through how to set up the order of how payments are posted to the AR ledger.

An example of a code distribution would be to first apply payments to routine assessment charges, then other charges, late fees, interest or fines, etc.

You should always check a community’s governing documents or state legislation requirements to determine if there are guidelines mandated on payment applications.

All code distribution lists are community specific. 

The Distribution lists are exclusionary, if a code is not in the list, payments will not be applied towards that code.


Step By Step 

1. Click Portfolio then Communities. Select the community you want to work in. 


2. At the bottom right side of the community home screen under Related Links, select Codes


3. On the Codes Screen> Under Actions, Select Code Distributions



About your choices

We have provided you with 2 types of Code Distribution lists:

1) Default

Default will pay out to Manual Cash Receipts and Apply Prepaids

Prepaids will only use the Default Code Distribution list.

You do not have to select this as Apply Prepaids will automatically use this.


2) Lockbox 

Lockbox will only pay out to Lockbox payment applications

You only get this ONE Lockbox Code Distribution that will work with any Lockbox you receive.

You do not have to select this as all lockboxes will automatically use this


You can add/have Unlimited Code Distribution lists for Manual Cash Receipts receivable only


Creating a New Distribution List 

1. Click Actions then Add Distribution 


You cannot make additional lists for use with Prepaids & Lockbox.


Why would I need multiple Distributions Lists? 

 A common reason to have multiple distribution lists would be a Special Assessment that your owners send in separate payments for. The below Distribution is setup to only apply towards the S1 – Special Assessment with any overpayment going to a Special Assessment reserved prepaid code



Where can I see these distribution lists? 

To use these lists when receiving a Manual Cash Receipt – just select the details button and then you will be able to edit the Code Distributions to Use drop down. – see screenshot below



Edit Distribution List

1. Click on Default and/or Lockbox line to expand the area


To rearrange: 

Use the Up or Down Arrows to move the codes in order you wish them to be paid.


To Remove from your list:

Use the Remove button to remove from Code Distribution list completely.


Adding a Code to the list:

Use the green Add Code button to add additional existing codes to Code Distribution list.


When finished:

When done, click the blue Save Order button at the bottom right under each Code list.

The save button will be at the bottom of your code list. Changes will not save without clicking Save. 



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