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When a homeowner pays their assessment or other routine charges, it is sometimes necessary to change the payment application order to re-distribute the order in which the payment is applied to charges.  If a homeowner, for example, has an Assessment Charge, a Special Assessment charge, a Late Fee and an NSF Fee, which charges will be paid first?  This question is significantly more important if the total payment is less than the total amount due.

In TOPS [ONE], a default payment application order, referred to as Code Distribution, can be set up to automatically control payment distributions.  Using the Codes Distribution, you can define the order in which Charge Codes amounts are paid when an owner payment is applied to an owner balance

Two default Distributions are provided when you first add a new community to TOPS [ONE]: a DEFAULT Distribution and a LOCKBOX Distribution.   CUSTOM distributions can also be defined.  Code Distributions selection occurs during the Cash Receipt Post Process.

Code Distributions are setup from the Community Codes page.


Step By Step 


1. Click Portfolio, then select Community. Select the community you’ll be working with.


2. From the Community Page select Codes from the Related Links section located toward the bottom right of the page


3. From the Codes screen, Select the ACTIONS dropdown, then Code Distributions



4. From Code Distribution screen, select one of the existing distributions by clicking the name or the blue line.



5. Use the controls on each individual charge to 1) select a different charge, 2) move a charge up in the distribution list, 3) move a charge down on the distribution list, or 3) completely REMOVE the charge from the Distribution. The Drop-down arrow allows an easy option to select a specific charge for the selected charge order.



IMPORTANT NOTE:  If a code is removed completely from a Code Distribution, an owner payment will not distribute to the code and prepaid applications will not be applied to the code. You will have the option to override the distribution of an owner payment when processing manual cash receipts or lockbox postings before the post process.


6. At the bottom of the Code Distribution, you can also Change Prepaid Options, Distribution Order, and Add New Code


Select Default Pre-Paid.   If needed, select the drop-down arrow to change the default prepaid code to a designated prepaid code (PP- Assessment, PP-Special Assessments, etc.) Designated Pre-Paid codes allow you to lock the prepaid amount to apply only to the specified charge. Ex: if an owner pays in total for a special assessment and you want the prepaid amount to only to apply to this charge code.

Add Code – add a new code to the Distribution

Save Order – Allows you to save any changes to the Distribution (NO CHANGES WILL BE SAVED IF YOU DO NOT CLICK SAVE ORDER)


7. Select SAVE ORDER to save changes.



Additional Information

If Custom Code Distributions are created, you can edit each distribution to select as default for PRIMARY, LOCKBOX, or CUSTOM.  Select the EDIT option to display/select option:

Primary  Default for Manual Cash Receipts

Lockbox  Default for Lockbox Cash Receipts

Custom  Selectable Option for Manual Cash Receipts


Selecting Edit allows selected Code Distribution charge to Primary, Lockbox, or Custom.


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