How to adjust a prepaid on or off an owners account

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The Prepaid Adjustment option allows you to add or adjust an owner Prepaid amount.

Tip: When a Prepaid balance is adjusted for an owner, you can also add a comment to the transaction to document the purpose of the adjustment.

This article will go over how to adjust on off a prepaid on owners, renters, or previous owners.


Step By Step 

1. Click Portfolio then Communities. Select the community you want to work in.

2. Click Accounts Receivable then Adjustments

3Under actions, select Adjustments



4. Community Displays the community for owner Prepaid Adjustment.  To select a different community, click on the community selector option in the breadcrumbs line to change the community.

5. Owner Use this option to select the owner.   Enter all or a portion of the owner last name, first name, account #, Lot #, or address to select from a list of owners.  Note that the Adjustment can be posted to a Property Owner, Owner, Renter, or Prev. Owner.

After selecting an owner, the Adjustment portion of the screen displays the current owner prepaid balance for adjustment.   If no existing prepaid balance exists, the systems allow you to add a new prepaid balance.

6. Adjustment Type Leave as Prepaid Adjustment to adjust an owner prepaid balance.   To select a different adjustment function, use the drop-down arrow to select from a list of all adjustment types.

7. Post Date The system will default to today's’ date. Select the Calendar option to choose a different Post Date.


8. Select general or a reserve prepaid, if that prepaid is reserved for a charge code.

9.  Enter in the amount to add or remove

Minus (-) symbol to remove

Positive amount to add

10. Enter in a debit and credit general ledger account

Credit Account would be the Prepaid account

Debit Account would be any other account you are adjusting the balance from

11.  Once finished, click Accrue

12. To complete the transaction, click Post 

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