Understanding Your New Web Based System

With your TOPS [ONE] web-based platform, if you have an internet connection, you can log into your system from any device using a standard browser (Chrome is Recommended). TOPS [ONE] doesn’t require you to download or install anything to your devices so getting started is quick and easy! 

Super Accessibility  

SaaS applications work uniformly on every operating system, regardless of the device being used. Whether you have a PC, MacBook, Tablet or Phone, you will be able to access your system in responsive design to fit the device you use, giving you anywhere access & supercharging your productivity. 

Easy Maintenance  

Deploying SaaS applications is a simple process to roll out across your organization. Access is granted by your Admin once the instance has been created by TOPS. Updates are automatic and don’t require your users to update their devices.  

Amazing Flexibility and Scalability 

Just as upgrades are simple to implement, this means that it is also a snap to grow your business with TOPS [ONE]’s scalability. As you require more processes to happen simultaneously, your web-based software can easily adjust and grow with you.  

Data Protection 

Web-based applications offer a good way of accessing centralized data securely. Natural disaster or fire at your location, computer crash, no worries because your data will still be there!

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