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Step 2 - Setting up the Foundation

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Now that you're more comfortable with TOPS [ONE], you can get your users on board. During this process, you will be able to assign specific roles and permissions to your users.

Once your users are up and running, you will want to set up your Global Processes. The Global Processes in TOPS [ONE] are things that are not community specific. These are things like your Templates, Banks, and Custom Fields. 

This article will give you a quick rundown on what needs to be taken care of prior to importing your community. 


First things first...Make sure you can log in!

Before we jump the gun and set your other users up, try logging in yourself! 

Enter the URL below, and you'll land on the TOPS [ONE] home page. 

Can't remember your password? Learn How to Reset the User Password




Now that you're logged in, lets set up your other users.

It's time to bring in the Cavalry! Before bringing in your users, it's best practice to set up your roles. Setting your roles and permissions will let you control who can see what, and what the user can do. Do you have people who only work with AP, or maybe you don't need your Maintenance users having access to your Banks information? Setting roles will take care of those issues for you. 

Once your roles are set up, it's time to bring in the rest of the team! Click the articles below for instructions on how to set up your roles and how to add your users. 

  1.  Set up your Custom Roles & Permissions
  2. Then your Users.




Time to Configure Your TOPS [ONE] Templates

Templates use merge codes to add owner information into a letter or document, making it look like it was individually created. Besides the basic owner information, there are merge codes to pull just about every field within TOPS [ONE]. (Yes, ever your custom fields have a merge code). There are also merge codes for community info and the management company, where applicable.


Get Started on Setting Up Templates



Then we have the Banks.

Banks are also global in TOPS [ONE]. While, bank accounts, are community specific. During the setup, to prepare for printing AP checks, make sure to fill out the bank's address, 

 Learn How to Add your Global Banks



Lastly, Set Up Your Custom Fields

Custom Fields is where you have the most freedom. Creating custom fields allow you to create spaces to enter and keep track of just about anything. You can use them to keep track of things like parking space number, pet information. Custom fields are not limited to owner and user pages, you can add a custom field to your bank page, vendor profile, even user page.  You can also use our custom reports to keep track of the data in those fields. 


Get Started on Setting Up Custom Fields




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