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Templates use merge codes to add owner information into a letter or document, making it look like it was individually created. Besides the basic owner information, there are merge codes to pull just about every field within TOPS [ONE]. (Yes, even your custom fields have a merge code). There are also merge codes for community info and the management company, where applicable. 

Templates can be assigned for violations, checks, statements, letters and other forms of communications.

While violations, checks, and statement are specific to where they can be used, Letters are a bit more flexible. Letters can be used in our system for just about any other types of communication like annual meeting announcements, Board Member meetings, and anything else you feel you need to get out to your owners. 


Before you get started

Office 365, or Office 2013 or higher is required in order to edit templates. 

Modifying any of these templates in lower versions of MS Office will cause the template to break when attempting to use in TOPS [ONE].


TOPS [ONE] Merge Code Manager 

Using the TOPS [ONE] Merge Code Manager, you can enter in merge codes to your templates to easily process communication across your entire portfolio. Once you have your mouse where you want to insert the merge code, just click, and it'll appear on your document. 

When processing communications to multiple owners, each document will only have information pertaining to the receiving owner. 

Best Practice: When saving your templates, use a naming convention to easily identify any templates that are specific to only one community, as the templates are a global feature, meaning they are available to all communities. Using naming conventions will also help organize your templates in the template library.  




Download Templates in the Marketplace

Don't know where to start with creating your templates? Check out our Template Marketplace. 

Here, you will be able to download sample templates and make your own edits. 


Now that your templates are ready to go, it's time to upload! 

It's time to upload your templates! Uploading your templates can be done in just a few clicks. When adding your templates, be sure to use the description section to give other users an idea of what the template has. 

When uploading, you can select where you want to be able to use the template, and how the template will be delivered to the owner. 

Template Delivery Type

Selecting Email only respect the owners' communication Preference 

Selecting any other combination will only generate that documents as a pdf. 

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