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Step 1 - Getting to Know [ONE]

Understanding your New Web-based System

With your TOPS [ONE] web-based platform, if you have an internet connection, you can log into your system from any device using a standard browser (Chrome is Recommended).

Super Accessibility  

SaaS applications work uniformly on every operating system, regardless of the device being used. 

Easy Maintenance  

Updates are automatic and don’t require your users to update their devices.  

Amazing Flexibility and Scalability 

Your web-based software can easily adjust and grow with you.  

Data Protection 

Web-based applications offer a good way of accessing centralized data securely.

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Find your way around TOPS [ONE]

TOPS [ONE] was designed with simple and easy navigation in mind. There are numerous ways to get to where you want to be. 

  1. Search as Navigation - Not only can you search for information such as a homeowner, account number, vendor name, check number, phone number and more, you can also search for functions such as 'Apply Charges' and navigate to that page.
  2. Primary Navigation - The navigation menu and breadcrumb trails make navigation from page-to-page or section-to-section simple. 
  3. Actions Button - Feature-specific options allow you to discover and do more. 
  4. Activity Feed - Get a quick preview of any transaction, or click in to dig deeper. 

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Get to us quicker!

Create a TOPS [ONE] desktop icon, so you can spend less time trying to remember our URL, and more time collecting checks from homeowners. 

  1. Click the 
  2. Click More Tools 
  3. Create Shortcut
  4. Click Create




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