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With TOPS [ONE] AP, you can set GL assignments for each vendor to auto-populate when doing accounts payable entry and schedule recurring AP items to reduce workload. 


Assign Default GL Distribution Accounts for a Vendor

Set the default distribution for the Vendor/Community combination once, and that distribution will automatically populate when bills are entered for the vendor.

Assigning a Default Distribution to a Vendor


Keep track of Vendor Insurance Information

Liability & Workers compensations are key information to have when working with vendors. Not only can having the correct information protect the vendor, but it can also protect the community in case of an accident. 

You can also easily identify vendors with expired insurance information when you visit their page, or when you try to post a bill of them.


Stay Covered and add the Vendor Insurance Information


Automatically Accrue AP Bills 

Repetitive bills, such as Monthly Management Fees, Maintenance Contract bills or annual reserve contributions, bills can be scheduled to post on a specific future day or multiple days throughout the year.  Once scheduled, bills are saved in the system where you can easily select, edit if needed, and post when due.


Scheduled Bills

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