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Many Vendors provide the same goods and services to communities on a recurring base. These services are normally coded to the same general ledger expense accounts. The ability to assign one or more GL default account to the expense will improve both speed and efficiency of the Bill Entry process.

The Default Distributions feature will code bills to one or more GL accounts automatically.

Just set the default distribution for the Vendor/Community combination once, and that distribution will automatically populate when bills are entered for the vendor.

This article will go over how to set a default distribution GL assignment to your vendor.


Step By Step 

If your vendor is being used in multiple communities, you will need to repeat this process for each community.


1. Click Accounts Payable then Select the Vendor to add the assignment to.


2. Towards the bottom right of the page, look for Default Distribution. Click Add



3. Enter the community that will use this distribution with this vendor.

4. Enter the GL code or click file folder icon to search for a code that you would like to associate with this vendor.

5. Enter the total percent to be distributed to that GL account

6. Once you've completed selecting and adding your accounts, click Save.



You can add several codes to this distribution by changing the percent amount and then clicking the + button. The total percentage must add up to 100%.


Ex: Landscaping invoice routinely includes monthly contract maintenance & irrigation GL distributions.

When entering the bill in the future, you will be able to set a total due and then redistribute amounts across the GL’s assigned.

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