Cash Receipts - How to Edit an NSF Fee Code

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Setting up the Accounts Receivable NSF Fee Code is a requirement when creating a new Community in TOPS [ONE].   Therefore, if you are viewing an existing community, the code is already set up.  The code setup was either entered via an import tool or may have been entered manually using the Community Setup Wizard.

This code is used when backing out an owner payment, using AR, Cash Receipts, Backout Payment feature, adding an optional NSF Fee posting to the transaction.

Requirements for setup include Code Name, usually “NSF Fee”, and the general ledger account(s) used for posting owner NSF Fee charges.   

For Cash Accounting, only the income account is needed for setup.

For accrual accounting, both an Income account and an Accounts Receivable Account is required for setup


This guide will go over how to edit the NSF Fee. 


Step By Step 

1. Click Portfolio then select Communities


2. From the Community List, select the community you’ll be working with.

3. Scroll down to Related Links then select Codes


4. Locate the NSF Fee Code

5. Select Edit


6. Make changes as needed. 


7. Click Save



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