Accounts - How to Assign Cost Centers

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Cost Centers are assigned to GL Accounts and let you group expenses.  They are used to categorize and display GL Accounts on the General Ledger Reports

This article will go over how to assign Cost Centers in TOPS [ONE]


Step By Step 

1. Click Portfolio then Communities. Select the Community you want to work in. 

2. Click General Ledger then Accounts


3. Use the toggle to activate Cost Centers and Save


4.  Once Activated click the link “Cost Centers Allows sub-accounts within the main Account Number”

5. Enter the Cost Center number, name, and description then click “Add”


Once Cost Centers have been added Accounts can be selected for the Cost Center.



6. Once Accounts are selected click “Save”.



Set-up Utilities

There are additional options with Cost Center that allow quicker set-up. They are found under “Options”.


The user can select Accounts based on:


A Range of Accounts

Existing Cost Center



If the compound name (Account Name – Cost Center Name) is not desired a display name can be given to the account – cost center combination


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