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Recurring journal entries allows the user to have the application automate a journal entry to run. Recurring journal entries in most used cases have the same offsetting and/or amount posted each time automation runs for that entry. 

This article will go over how to add a Recurring Journal Entry in TOPS [ONE] 


Step By Step 

1. Click General Ledger then Journal Entries 

2. Click Actions then New Journal Entry


3.  Choose the Scheduling drop down to choose the Automation selection of your choice. The Schedule option will prepare the journal entry and notify you in your Notifications icon that it is time to process the entry, but you will need to post. The Automate option will prepare and post the entry.



4. Job Name Name that can easily identify the job

5. Select the drop-down to choose Frequency according to how often the JE will automate and enter the date you want the automation job to post. You also have the option to enter an end date if you want to stop the job after a certain date.




Special Note: If the Journal Entry is to be Reversed in the following period, it will not be able to be Automated. This option will only display when using the ‘This Time Only’ option.

6. After the information has been entered, click 







7. This job will now be viewable in the Automation area



8. This job will also be listed under the Recurring Entries tab in the Journal Entry Area.


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