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Processing accounts payable involves handling the invoices submitted by vendors or other providers for services to the community.  Such bills are then paid by check or marked as paid using the hand-written check option in TOPS ONE.

For repetitive bills, such as Monthly Management Fees, Maintenance Contract bills or annual reserve contributions, bills can be scheduled to post on a specific future day or multiple days throughout the year.  Once scheduled, bills are saved in the system where you can easily select, edit if needed, and post when due.

This guide will go over how to create a scheduled Bill.


Step By Step 

1. Click  Accounts Payable then select Enter Bills


2. This will open the Enter Bills page:

3. Enter the Vendors name

Or Add a new vendor. Click the Folder icon then Add image002.png , fill out the appropriate information, and Click Add Vendor

4. Leave the Type as Bill

5. Enter the bill as normal, but selectin the Scheduling option “Schedule – Accrue and Notify Me”.


6. Set Scheduling Options:  When Schedule – Accrue and Notify Me is selected, a secondary screen appears to allow scheduling date/times:



Job Name Name that can easily identify the job

Frequency:  Select from the available posting frequencies


Start Date This should be a date in the future.
If you choose the 16th of the month and set the frequency to monthly, the invoice would be accrued on the 16th of every month. 

Start Time  Select the posting time.
The time defaults to the current time. 

Select Permitted Days Set the Permitted Days.
If the day is colored blue, the invoice is able to be accrued that day.


End Date  Select last permitted posting date

End Time  Select last permitted posting time


6. When scheduling is complete, select Schedule.



Note:  Scheduled Bills are saved as Automation Jobs and can be viewed from the Automation option in the Menu.

Click the Job # ito view or edit the job details 


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