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TOPS [ONE] Version



TOPS [ONE] has an embedded Map view associated with the location of a Community, property, work order, CCR, etc.

This feature is useful in quickly getting directions to a specific property, verifying CCR record or work order location and is useful to internal staff to quickly see the property while speaking with an owner.

This article will go over how to view the map/location of specific addresses and how to get directions to those addresses.


Step By Step


1. Navigate to the community, owner, CCR record or work order for which you’ll need a map. We’ll use an owner for our example.

2. In the Addresses box, click Show Map 



3. Now you’ll see the map is displayed. Click the address button, which will open the address in Google Maps. From there you can get directions.


Click here to find out how to get directions using Google Chrome.


The same steps will work for the community, amenities, work orders, and violation records.

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