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Step 3 - Completing your Setup


In this last series, we will walk you through how to configure each community's specific information that needs to be set up before getting started in your TOPS ONE. We will also cover best practices to ensure you are getting the most from your TOPS ONE.

Remember, these building blocks are critical to getting the most from TOPS ONE so be sure to complete each step before you begin managing in your system.







Completing your Admin Setup


As the Admin, you have the most control!   

But with great power, comes great responsibility. Make sure to take care of the items mentioned below to assure a smooth transition. 


Setup Community Lists and Assign Users 

Community Lists allow you to select specific communities within your instance to give users access to. To set up a community list, follow the link below. 



By default, your users can see all of the communities in your instance. Creating and assigning users to a community list can be done in a few clicks.

You can add users when you set up your community lists or you can search the user you want to assign and under Actions, click Edit and then select the community list dropdown to choose the correct assignment and click Save




 Click Here to Learn More: Community List Set Up



Assign Manager & Accountant per Community

Designate your Manager and Accountant for your community so you can easily see who the designated contact is for a community and include their information on form letters using our Merge Code Manager. Additionally, Owners will also know who to contact for questions when logging into Owner Access. 

To do this, go to your community page, click Actions then edit your Community Contacts to select the Manager and Accountant from the drop downs and click Save





Assign Custom Fields to Communities & Users

Congrats! You're one step closer to keeping track of all of your information within your communities. 

Now, you just need to review and assign custom fields to the community or communities you want to track! Ex: Only track parking assignments in a few communities? Go to the custom field you created for parking assignments and select just those communities. 

Not sure how to get there? Click the link below for instructions. 



Click Here to Learn More: Custom Fields Overview



Configure Report Packages Layout

A report package is a great way to run multiple reports into one PDF for time savings and ease of distribution to board members.

While most of the report parameters tend to be similar, each report has customizable parameters that can be defined for each report. Give the template a name and then select it when you are ready to run your report package.

Tip: You can create specialized packages that include additional information for Treasure or Committee Members. Use a unique name for these so you can quickly locate. 



Click Here to Learn More: Preparing your Report Packages 



Create Custom Reports

Not finding the exact layout in the report defaults? Don't worry, you have the flexibility to create report layouts to fit even the most discerning board member. 

Using the Custom General Ledger Report feature, you can create a custom Balance Sheet, Income and Expense or Reserve Statement layout.



Click Here to Learn More: Creating Portfolio Reports  



Click Here to Learn More: Creating Financial Reports


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Money, money, money! 

Time to take care of those debits and credits, otherwise known as the finances. Setting up the accounting portion of TOPS [ONE] will ensure your community financial prep is a breeze. Apply charges to your homeowners, make sure your team is staying on budget with our easy to read Chart of Accounts, and so much more.  TOPS [ONE] is powerful enough to satisfy the most demanding accountant and easy enough for someone with no accounting experience to use. 



Bank Account and Digital Signature Setup

In TOPS [ONE] you set up “master” banks that can be assigned to specific communities. Within the master bank, you tie community accounts allowing you to view and manage accounts across multiple communities. From operating, reserves and more, efficiently manage from one screen for all your banking!



Click Here to Learn More: Setup & Link Bank Accounts



You can save time on signing checks by assigning digital signatures to those bank accounts and inserting a merge code straight to your check templates. 



Click Here to Learn More: Adding Digital Signatures


Setup GL

Track your income and expenses and manage the big picture of your communities’ financial health with ease. TOPS ONE robust GL features:

  • Fully customizable chart of accounts, with Cost Centers & unlimited Funds.
  • Ability to create one-off or recurring Journal Entries.




Click Here to Learn More: GL Setup Overview


Codes Overview

Codes are used define amounts/steps and timing for Charges to Collections to Violations and more. You can easily set up and manage all of your community-specific codes in one screen! Learn how by selecting the Setup Codes link below and don't forget to set your payment application order under the code distribution how-to.




Click Here to Learn More: Setup Codes


AR Set Up & Automation

Now it is time to set up recurring charges for all of your assessments and other billings and assign to properties. See Setup Codes section above for directions. 

With the built-in automation, you can set it and forget it! Learn how to automate your Assessment & other recurring charges, late fees, interest and more. Need more control, we've got you covered. Our automation features also include Accrue and Notify options for those users who want to review before posting.




Setup AR Automated Jobs



AP Setup 

With TOPS [ONE] AP, you can set GL assignments for each vendor to auto-populate when doing accounts payable entry and schedule recurring AP items to reduce workload. 



Click Here to Learn More: AP Setup




Processing collections just got more streamlined with Quick Collect. Easily define and automatically follow the steps of your collections process, from moving through collection actions, setting hold categories, sending letters, applying fees and more. Learn how by clicking the link below!





Schedule and Email Reports

Treasurer bugging you for reports weekly? Are committee members always needing updates? Well, rest easy because you can automate these reports to run and email on the schedule of your choice. 




Click Here to Learn More: Schedule and Email Reports



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The management tools in TOPS [ONE] give you the freedom to take the office wherever you go! Real-time inspections from any device, access to vendor info, documents and more! Let's get started on setting up your specific community needs to allow you to do your job with ease!


Setup CC&R Codes/Actions & Letters

Get started on making your inspections a breeze! By creating your codes, actions, and letters, you will be able to create a violation by selecting the location, code and snapping a photo. So simple and leaving you more time for yourself. 

Define actions for each violation based on your community's documents and pre-fill resolution and article information.

Automatically tie letters to each corresponding action and access the Owner Activity Feed for a full history of actions taken on this account.

All letters generated in PDF and attached via email if the owner has opted in.

Create your form letter templates in MS Word for the ultimate flexibility in letter design - You do anything Word can do! 

Now get going on setting up by navigating to the CCR Overview link below. 




Click Here to Learn More: CCR Overview


Community Maintenance 

By creating your work order codes, you can easily select a code to assign work orders to vendors, and track projects through completion. 

With work orders, you can track the progress of any project, schedule preventive maintenance and even track more substantial community renovations. You can assign work orders to a unit, a building, a community or common area facility and assign them to vendors or on-site maintenance teams. Now get going on setting up your work order codes!



Work Order Overview



Mass Edit Property 

TOPS ONE gives you the freedom to filter and edit any property field or custom field data in bulk, in one screen. Need to add pool key or parking assignment information across multiple homes or units, get it done quickly with the mass edit screen. You can also save filtered views for easy access anytime! 



Click Here to Learn More: Mass Edit Property Info


Managing Vendor Contracts & Insurance

Any community manager knows that organization is key to success, especially when it comes to managing your vendor contracts and insurance. TOPS ONE has you covered and with built-in contract and insurance sections for every vendor. Now you can save, easily access and track expirations to be proactive and wow your boards. Learn how to manage your contracts and insurance by clicking the links below. 



Click Here to Learn More: Adding Vendor Contract Information



Click Here to Learn More: Managing Vendor Insurance Policies




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