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TOPS [ONE] Version



In TOPS [ONE] you set up “master” banks that can be assigned to specific communities. Within the master bank, you tie community accounts allowing you to view and manage accounts across multiple communities


Step By Step

1. Click Portfolio then Banks. Select the bank you want to add the account to.


2. Click Actions then Add Account 


Fill in the requested information


1. Community 

Enter the Community ID or Name of the community you want to link this account to. 

If this is the Primary Community Account, Enable the toggle. 


2. Add Account

Account Name Enter the Account Display Name (ie: Operating, Reserves

Account Number Enter the Bank Number provided by the bank

Routing Number Enter the Routing Number. 

If you have set the Banks Default Routing Number, you can select the checkbox to auto-populate the routing number.

Last Check Number Used 

GL Account Account number assigned to the Bank Account

Lockbox ID Bank ID the bank provides to the management company for each association. 

This ID is unique for each community and will be used to import Lockbox files.

Account Type 

Branch Number Enter the number provided from the bank.


3. Authorized Signature You can save time on signing checks by assigning digital signatures to those bank accounts and inserting a merge code straight to your check templates. 

You can find more information on Authorized Signatures in this article. Digital Signatures Overview


3. When complete, click Save


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