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Digital Signatures Overview



As with all of our templates, a moderate amount of familiarity with Word 2013 or higher is required. 

Once you have Added and Assigned your digital signatures to your bank accounts, you will need to add the merge code to your check templates. 

Once the merge code has been added, you will be able to process and generate checks with the signatures already printed. 

Office 2013 or Greater is required to make edits to templates in TOPS [ONE]


Step By Step 

1. Download an existing check template


Download a Template from our Marketplace



2. Open the check template and the TOPS [ONE] Merge Code Manager

Click here for instructions on how to download the Merge Code Manager

1. Click the Insert tab on the ribbon 

2. Click My Add-ins

3. Select TOPS Merge Code Manager, then select Add at the bottom. 

3. In order to use your Digital Signatures, you will need to log into the app using your TOPS [ONE] credentials. 

Once the credentials are entered password, click Get My Custom Merge Codes

Don't know your password? Click here for instructions on how to reset your password.



4. Click Insert then Text Box and finally Draw Text Box




5. Insert a text box near the location where you want to add the signature. 

6. Click the text box, then on the ribbon, click Format then resize the table to: 

H: 0.8"

W: 1.79"

7. Remove the border around the text box

Right Click the text box > Outline > No Outline

8. On the Merge Code Manager App, Select Template Type: Check; Categories: All  

9. Move your mouse inside the text box, and Select the appropriate merge code. 

Authorized Signature 1 

Authorized Signature 2 

You can verify the signatures by going to the bank account page. 

Use the screenshot below as a reference to where the text box should be to generate properly. 


When the signature is generated on the check, it will print at the bottom of the text box. 



Once you have finished making the edits, save a copy of this template. 


10. Click File then Save As 

11. Upload your Check Template

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