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Work Order Overview



The Work Order features in TOPS [ONE] allow you to quickly enter, assign and track maintenance items in your communities.

Work Orders can be created for jobs like common area repairs or repairs for a specific unit within a community.

Note: A Service Request can be used to record a request from an Owner that will give the manager the option to convert the request into a Work Order.  An example of a Service Request would be someone requesting repairs to their building or a request to paint exterior fencing. These requests can be reviewed by the manager or board to determine if a work order is necessary.

This article will go through how to create a new work order.


Step By Step

1. From Navigation, Click Work Orders, then Work Order Activity or Tickets


2a. From the Work Order Activity page click  +New Work Order


2b. From the Tickets Page click Actions then New Work Order


3. Verify the Information 


1. Community/Property To edit the Work Order location, click the X

A Work Order can be assigned to a Property or a Community, even Amenities.

2. Function To create a new Work Order, leave this option as is.

To create a Service Request instead of a Work Order, click the drop box and select Service Request.

3. Create Date Enter the date

4. Scheduling

This Time Only If this is a one time work order, choose this option

Schedule- This is a Recurring Work Order that you want to automate future occurrences


4. Enter the Work Order Settings

1. Code Information

Select Code Previously entered Work Order codes will appear in the dropdown menu when selected. If the code has been filled in with data in the codes setting page, this information will autofill. The following information is optional and does not need to be entered in order to be created.

Code Description Brief description of the Work Order. Example: Landscaping, Plumbing, Playground.

Detail Description Enter a more detailed description of the Work Order. Example: Women’s bathroom-handicap stall door by the pool area needs to be replaced.

Special Instructions Special Instructions for the vendor or user assigned this Work Order. Example: Door Replacement dimensions:  Toilet Partition Door, Metal, 33 5/8"W x 58"H

2. Target Date Expected completed date

3. Approved By Use the drop down menu to select the user who created the work order.

4. Issued To Enter the Vendor or User name that would be assigned the work order.


5. Click on Save once you have all the required information entered.  


6. You will see the following message at the bottom of your screen once the Work Order saves successfully.


7. Once the Work Order is saved you can click on Actions to do any of the following:  Edit, Print, Add Comment, Add Task, Close Work Order or Delete Work Order. 


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