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The Work Order features in TOPS [ONE] allow you to quickly enter, assign and track maintenance items in your communities.

Work Orders can be created for jobs like common area repairs or repairs for a specific unit within a community.

Note: A Service Request can be used to record a request from an Owner that will give the manager the option to convert the request into a Work Order.  An example of a Service Request would be someone requesting repairs to their building or a request to paint exterior fencing. These requests can be reviewed by the manager or board to determine if a work order is necessary.



Create a New Work Order Code

Create unique Work Order Codes to keep track of any needed maintenance within your communities. 

Each Work Order code can also have it's own GL assignment to keep track of any spending for that specific code. 

Create a New Work Order Code


Create a New Work Order 

Work Orders can be created for most locations in your community. They can be created for properties, amenities, or your entire community. 

Handle scheduled maintance around your community by creating 

Click Here for Instructions on How to Create a Work Order


Edit Work Orders 

Once a Work Order has been created, you can edit information like the user/vendor assigned, information regarding the request, and you can add files or pictures.

Follow the instructions in the article to edit an existing Work Order. 

Edit an existing work order in TOPS [ONE]


Close Work Orders

Close Work Orders to track completed maintance around your Community. 

Never lose track of closed work orders by using the filter option on the ticket page. 

Close Work Orders


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