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The Owner Access Portal allows community management companies to provide their home-owners with real-time access to their most frequently requested account information.

Homeowners can view current balance, account history, View and comment on rule violation tickets, meaning less phone calls flooding your phone lines. The ability to make assessments payments online cuts that down even further. 

This guide will go over how to Enable and set up Owner Access for your community. 


1. Get to Know our Owner Access Setup Page

2. Edit Owner Access Settings

2a. Edit Global Owner Access Settings

2b. Enabling and Editing the Owner Access Settings per Community




How to get there

1. Click Admin 

2. Under Related Links click Owner Access Setup


Get to Know our Owner Access Setup Page 

1. The two blocks on the top, our KPI's (Key Performance Indicators), display: 

Communities- The number of communities with Owner Access enabled

Owners- Percentage of owners, in those active communities, who have successfully registered to Owner Access. 

If you click the KPI, you will see the following breakdown. 


2.  Global Owner Access Settings 

URL Owner Access custom URL Link.  This is the website address that owners will use to access their account. 

Reply To: The email address that should be used when communications are sent from TOPS [ONE]. 

Theme There several color scheme selections to choose from to customize your brand.

Logo The file that is uploaded as the company logo.


3. Community Display all communities, the number of owners within that community, and whether they are currently enabled for. 


Editing Owner Access Settings


1. To edit any settings, click Actions then Edit 


Global Owner Access Settings 

1. URL This is the website address that owners will use to access their account  The first part is pre-defined and is not configurable, and the last part of the website address is for
your custom name. This is the only part that is customizable

If you choose to update it, please note that the Custom URL is alphanumeric only. You cannot include spaces, commas, semicolons, or other irregular characters. For security purposes, certain words such as portal, account, and autopay are reserved. 

2. Theme Click the drop-down menu to select a different theme.

3. Logo To customize the branding for the portal site, select and upload a company logo.

The recommended image size of your logo is 800px x 200px and in JPG or PNG format. We also highly recommend a white or transparent background.


Enabling and Editing the Owner Access Settings Per Community


Enable Owner Access 

Once you click Edit Settings, the Enable toggles will be active. 

1. Click the toggle, and once it is active, it will be Green 


Editing the Owner Access Settings Per Community

2. To edit your Communities Owner access settings, click the  symbol. 


This will open the Community Owner Access Settings Page. 

3. Click the toggles next to each feature to enable. 

1. Name of Community the changes will affect.

2. Communications 

Email Noticiations If Email Notifications is enabled, when an owner comments on open
items, the selected user will be notified via email that the owner has made
a comment in their Owner Access account.

Send Message To The user selected here will be the recipient of the email notifications, if enabled, and will also see a task and/or comment from the homeowner on
their user home page.

Comment on Open Items
If this setting is enabled, homeowners can communicate by adding
comments to any open items such as Violations, Service Requests, or
Work Orders.

CCR This setting makes Violations visible to homeowners in the Owner Access

Work Orders This setting makes Work Orders visible to homeowners in the Owner
Access portal.

Service Requests This setting makes Service visible to homeowners in the Owner Access

Update Account Settings This setting allows homeowners to modify their account settings such as phone numbers, alternate addresses and reset their password for the
Owner Access account.

3. Payments- Pay Now  If you have an agreement with a payment provider, you can add a link on the portal to redirect homeowners to your online payments provider. Enter the web site address of your payment portal here. When your homeowners click the link, the payment provider's site will open in a new window.


4. Save or discard your changes

Apply to All will save these settings for all your other communities that are using Owner Access. 



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